10 tips for successful social media marketing

Determine which platforms suit you Not every social media platform is suitable for your business or the set goals. The following list gives you an overview of the most popular networks: (based on Hootsuite) Facebook : The world’s most popular social media network with more than 2 billion users. In addition, Facebook also has the most regular users and is, based purely on the range, thus the most attractive network. Instagram : Instagram owes its success to its visual approach. Successful marketing therefore has a lot to do with the appealing aesthetics of the shared content. According to a study claims the platform with 59 percent and the highest engagement level of all social networks for themselves. LinkedIn : With more than 467 million users, the platform is the world’s largest careers network. Twitter : With a limit of 280 characters per tweet, Twitter is known for brevity and spice. Snapchat : The platform on which the content disappears is especially popular with younger users. YouTube : If your brand has the resources, the best way to take advantage of the popularity of online video. Pinterest : It’s the users who make this platform so unique. You are looking for inspirations on Pinterest. This makes the network perfect if your target audience is going to be active, for example buying something or visiting your website.