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Quran Bangla Tafsir Salat Time Islamic Book Bayan

The Prayer Time (Namajer Somoy) app is very popular in Bangladesh, India, Europe and America which gives you the correct schedule of prayers (salat) for Muslims in major cities of the world. This app also provides a permanent timetable of five salat and a permanent calendar of prayers for each district of Bangladesh.

App Features-
• Daily 5 waqt prayer times with alarm
• Time of Iftari, Sehri, Tahajjud, Sunrise, Sunset all over the year
• Offline Quran with meaning in Bengali which has authentic tafsir
• Various popular formats for reading Quran (Hafizi, Noorani Calcutta, Madani, Color print)
• User can search Al Quran offline, save bookmark
• Readers can use it in landscape and night mode
• Quran Tilawat by famous reciters from Baitullah and Masjid Al-Nabawi including Abdullah Ali-Jaber, Abdur Rahman As-Sudais, Maher Al Mueaqly, Mishari Rashid Al-Afasi, Saud Al-Shuraim etc.
• Beautiful Quran audio recitations of all Surah / Verses of Al Quran with Bengali translations
• Al Hadith described from Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Muslim, Nasai, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah, Musnad-e-Ahmad, Muwatta Imam Malik
• Very knowledgable Islamic bayan / Waz by local and foreign leading Islamic scholars in Bengali, Urdu and English
• Audio recitation of authentic Masnoon Dua, zikir and durood with Hadith reference
• Quran learning book in Noorani method by which readers will be able to learn Quran in 27 hours with correct pronunciation of Arabic alphabet & Quran spelling
• Good number of Islamic books which includes authentic Tafsir of Al-Quran, Islamic History, Madani and Darse Nezami Books of Qawmi Madrasa, Sihah Sittah Hadith, Tablig etc
• Zakat Calculator by which muslims can do self assessment
• Digital tasbeeh counter
• Qibla compass
* Ask Mufti ( ask masala, deen, islami, religious questions & fotwa to Mufti Maolana islamic scholars)
* Islamic Foundation’s Sahri Iftar Time Schedule 2021 Ramadan Calendar
• Detailed salat education for learning differences between prayers of male and female, rules of ablution, azan, mosque, surah, special prayers, istinja, bath, tayammum, obligatory prayers etc
• Bengali and Hijri calendar with Ramadan, eid, itikaf, lailatul kadar, masayel etc all in one.

An app to use during Ramadan, Hajj, travel, home, market everywhere.
One of the best Islamic applications of TopOfStack Software

* Iftar, Sehri time 2021 and Ramadan calendar
* Quran Majeed with Arabic Bengali pronunciation, Bengali meaning and Tawzihul Quran Tafsir
* Hafizi Emdadia Quran, Kolkata Printed, Colored Tajweed Quran and Usmani Madani Print
* Bengali Islamic Book Kitab
* Weekly Tafsir, Islahi Deeni Mahfil, Juma Boyan, Tabligh, Ijtema, Dawatul Haq bayans & Waz can be found for the latest 2021 year.

Weekly tafsir lectures, learn quran reading teaching classes and weekly zoom meetings to answer religious questions fatwa will continue until Ramadan 2021. You can find Ask Mufti Bangla version.

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