Namajer Somoy (Prayer Time) in Bangladesh

The Prayer Time (Namajer Somoy) app is very popular in Bangladesh, India, Europe and America which gives you the correct schedule of prayers(salat) for Muslims in major cities of the world. This app also provides a permanent timetable of five prayers(salat) and a permanent calendar of prayers(salat) for each district of Bangladesh.

Tafsir of Al-Quran – Prayer Time – Islamic Book – Bayan – Hadith app is very useful for all Bengali speaking Muslim brothers and sisters and can be kept on their mobile.

For 2021, Salat time is providing with the most reliable resources to calculate Islamic prayer time and Qibla direction all around the world and help you obtain Iftar time and Sehri time in Ramadan.

This Muslim Prayer time app is very popular in Bangladesh, India, Europe and America which gives you the correct schedule of prayers for Muslims in major cities of the world. This also provides a permanent timetable and calendar of prayers for each district of Bangladesh.

In muslim countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Arabian Countries, Indonesia and others countries, as well as countries with large Muslim minorities like Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom, this app has the highest number of downloads respectively.

This application is also useful for when you are travelling. You don’t need to change the time on your computer, it will look up the time for the region you select from the cloud and play Adhan when the time is correct. However, you will need to be connected to the internet for this.

App Features-
• Daily 5 waqt prayer times with alarm.
• Time of Iftari, Sehri, Tahajjud, Sunrise, Sunset etc all over the year. • Offline Quran with meaning in Bengali which has authentic tafsir. • Various popular formats for reading Quran Majid (Hafizi, Noorani Calcutta, Madani, Color print)• User can search Al Quran offline, save bookmark.
• Readers can use it in landscape and night mode. • Beautiful Quran audio recitations of all Surah / Verses of Al Quran with Bengali translations.
• You can read Holy Quran with transliteration and translations in many languages.• Al Hadith described from Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Muslim, Nasai, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah, Musnad-e-Ahmad, Muwatta Imam Malik. • Very knowledgeable Islamic bayan / Waz by local and foreign leading Islamic scholars in Bengali, Urdu and English. • Audio recitation of authentic Masnoon Dua, zikir and durood with Hadith reference. • Quran learning book in Noorani method by which readers will be able to learn Quran in 27 hours with correct pronunciation of Arabic alphabet & Quran spelling.
• Contains Ramadan calendar 2021. It will provide accurate Sehri, Iftar time from Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh.• Good number of Bengali Islamic books which includes authentic Tafsir of Al-Quran, Islamic History, Madani and DarseNezami Books of Qawmi Madrasa, SihahSittah Hadith, Tablig etc. • Zakat Calculator by which Muslims can do self assessment. • Digital tasbeeh counter, Qibla compass. You can ask mufti. • Detailed Salat education for learning differences between prayers of male and female, rules of ablution, azan, mosque, surah, special prayers, istinja, bath, tayammum, obligatory prayers etc.• Bengali, Gregorian and Hijri calendar with Ramadan, eid, itikaf, lailatulkadar, masayeletc all in one.
• For the first time, Tafsir e Tawzeehul was added to this Quran Bangla app.• Weekly Tafsir, IslahiDeeniMahfil, JumaBoyan, Tabligh, Ijtema, DawatulHaqbayans & Waz can be found for the latest 2021 year.Weekly tafsir lectures, learn Quran reading teaching classes and weekly zoom meetings to answer religious questions fatwa will continue until Ramadan 2021. You can find Ask Mufti Bangla version.