Best UI UX Design Agency in Bangladesh

Graphics and UI-UX Design agency

Graphic design

Web graphics should not only be a work of art but also effectively reflect your organization’s purpose and values. We love the challenge of utilizing your brand to effectively get the desired results.


Quality illustrations built from scratch is what separates great design from adequate design. Our team has the talent and skills necessary to implement amazing illustrations of various styles in order to help boost your content and online presence.

UI Design

We can help with any type of user interface design whether it’s an App, a website, software that needs to look good to the eye. We can provide your programmer with all the designs they need to create a great product. We have a huge portfolio of design work to help you find the look you’re going for.

Here are the phases of UX design  –

  • UX Analysis – Discovery of ideas and brainstorming, after that we analyze your business objectives, requirements, project details and provide our feedback that would help to build a better product. We will capture the user journeys and analyse the user personas.  
  • UI Wireframes – Black & white prototypes of your future project. Wireframes help to solve usability issues, build functionality and interactions. This is when we convert your user journeys into interaction model. 
  • Visual Design – Visual design is a visualization of wireframes. These are the coloured high fidelity mockups. It’s how your future product will look and feel. We know trends, we know everything about colors and identity. 
  • Prototype – We will provide a dummy app that can be used to check all the flows and interactions using an interactive prototyping tool such as invision tool. This is how the final apps will and should look and feel.
  • UX Testing – We deploy tools and constantly monitor the effectiveness of the UX, UI and visual design, and make continuous changes to ensure great user traction, engagement, conversions, monetisation and other aspects of product / app dynamics.