What are the most effective ways to promote blogs?

Bloggers face many problems at the beginning of their careers. But you shouldn’t give up and just follow some rules. It can be not very easy but will give you a result.

To begin with, your purpose (and maybe dream) is to create a group of loyal readers who will be active in the blog and share the content. They will be always on your side, so you need to make them loyal, let’s think how:

Quality content

It is obvious that you should bring your readers quality content, which will be interesting for them. Try to understand what they are fond of, what they love and what they hate. It will help you to bring them real value.

Email subscriptions

Use email letters as a reminder for your readers to give them an opportunity to keep updated. Your email campaigns must be useful and interesting as well as your content. You can encourage readers to leave their emails by giving away something free like free books or a piece of unique content.


Your text blog must look attractive and memorable. I can recommend to pay once and make the design an integral part of your blog.

Secondly, you should deal with search engines. There are a lot of ways to do this, I just give you a few examples which you can implement very fast:

Use the ALT text

Search engines will understand your visual content via ALT text. This brief description explains what the image is about. You probably use images at your blog as it will make your blog “alive” and easy-to-perceive. So, just add ALT text to them.

Find the right keywords

You definitely shouldn’t spoil your content with tons of keywords, but 1-2 long-tail keywords is your choice. To find out what keywords your potential readers look for, you should use tools. I use Rank Active for such purposes but you can find different ones.

Remember about Meta description

You just need to fill it in order to give people who find you in SERPs the bright description of your blog without even clicking on the link to your blog. So, turn your imagination and creativity on and create memorable Meta description.

Comment on other blogs

The right comment on a highly authoritative blog can send you lots of traffic; identify the top blogs in your niche and start interacting and commenting on blogs on a regular basis. This will get the blogger and members of his community to notice you and visit your blog, leading to more traffic for you; you might even get a link, or invitation to guest blog out of it.

Rewrite some of your articles and post them

Article directories are not as effective as they used to be, but you can rewrite some of your articles in minutes and have them distributed to article directories. Make sure you include links to your blog in these articles.

Promote your blog on Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great source of traffic for your blog and many bloggers have leveraged it with a great source to massively boost their blog traffic; Mandy Wallace was able to take her new blog to 1,000 daily visitors largely thanks to Pinterest. Look for quality interesting images, and focus on using irresistible headlines and you’ll be getting quality Pinterest traffic in no time.

Proper SEO slug/permalink structure

Do you know that your blog’s SEO slug/permalink structure can go a long way to influence your search rankings and traffic to your blog? The best SEO slug is the one that includes your title in a descriptive way while removing unnecessary words like verbs.