Which are the best blogging sites?



WordPress is the most powerful network to give you an unforgettable experience. It allows millions of aspiring bloggers, writers, business person, beginners to create a website for free. A powerful blogging network gives access to use the site for a lifetime, without any charges at all.


A new blogging platform, which is home to many curious minded souls. If you are looking for a neat and simple site to share your opinionated content, then Medium is the best to go for.


Another blogging platform which is gaining immense popularity among bloggers is the Squarespace. You can make a website or blog on Squarespace without any need of credit card.


With a number of options, Weebly stands out as a high-quality platform for bloggers. The beginners can opt for the basic free plan to get started. You can create a website, e-store or a blog for free.


Give your passion a path to connect with the outside world. Blogger gives you a free platform where you can start a blog of your own


Thinking to post anything? Tumblr can be a right choice for you. It also gives you a free online space where you can share content of any type. Build an online presence on Tumblr.


With simple drag and drop option, you can start a website of your own. Wix gives you a free space to build an online presence and make a stunning website. A number of templates are free to use.


Quora enables you to start a blog for free. It basically gives a space for writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and common man to share their life experiences and thoughts with the world.


It is an open community, enabling writers, bloggers, and passionate people to share their words with others. The free site is open to ask questions and receives answers.

Blogs for teachers, students, and schools

This is an easy blogging for the purpose of educating masses. It is a free education blogging platform for schools, colleges, and Universities. You can sign up for free to start an education blog.


Ghost is another free online publication for bloggers. An open source product which allows you to add a team on your blog. Start writing quality content for your blog on Ghost.


An innovative blogging platform to give you writing and reading experience. The free platform also helps you to curate ideas for blog posts and publish them. The beautiful site is easy to use. Just create a free account and enjoy blogging.