How to become a good web designer and developer?

In order to get job at a good company, you need to learn. I recommend studying the basics of which any serious language is built, to get involved in programming principles and then choosing what you are the most interested in.

  1. Learning HTML HTML is the database base that any programmer starts with. This language is important because it controls the content and layout of web pages.
  2. Learning CSS Cascading style sheets are necessary in order to customize the appearance of the elements on the website.
  3. Learning JavaScript This language is very popular, a large number of sites and web applications contains code written in JavaScript. It will be very useful for you to know if you want to become a front end developer and if you want to work on the back end.
  4. Learing jQuery jQuery is a library that is used for JavaScript development. For an entry level, it’s enough to be able to connect plug-ins using the library.

When you learn the basics of these languages, you can go on to choose your vocation – front end or back end. The difference is that the first code interacts with the user, and the second interacts with the data on the server.

If you want to become a front end developer: – You need to thoroughly understand HTML and CSS. – Learn client-side JavaScript – Learn jQuery For the level of the frontend-specialist, you do not just need to be able to create, but to attach to the backend or API. – Study the framework (React JS, Angular 1 or 2). – Learn CSS-framework, which works with the JS-framework (Bootstrap, Material Design).

If you want to become a back end developer: You can choose one of the languages ​​that you like:

  • C # (.net) Language is responsible for Enterprise-development of complex highly loaded systems, which are tied to the Microsoft ecosystem. Used for programming both desktop and web applications.
  • Python This language is easy to learn, moreover, every year it is gaining popularity, especially in the western market. With Python, you can quickly perform the tasks. You can write anything on it, but basically the language is aimed at application scripts and on Linux OS.
  • JavaScript This language is used for both the frontend and the backend. You can expand the skills, learn Node.JS (Quick language for developing loaded projects: chats, auctions.) The main purpose is to handle many small queries. Express (Node.JS), MongoDB (one of the database engines, document-oriented).
  • PHP It is mainly used to create web applications. A popular programming language, which is also not too complicated when it comes to studying. In addition, learn popular frameworks, for example, development on laravel, symfony, yii is very much in demand now.