Why is App Store Optimization (ASO) necessary?

ASO is so necessary for any app. just for complete an app is not enough to get success according your dream plan about your app. In fact its a binning time to start a great success plan for you app plan. After app completion only you and your relatives are known that you have lunched an app. now next step is that you work on popularity for your app.

To increase popularity of your app, your app need to stay continue on higher rank in App Store, and app store optimisation must be necessary to increase higher ranking of your app keywords. ASO will optimise your app in app store and play store. its provide first chance to interact with user with app optimisation. ASO has following key factors to optimise your app ranking.

  1. App Tittle: App tittle is name of your app, which is always must be relevant about your app work category, tittle have fix limits for iOS App ( 50 characters in App Store) and Android App (255 characters in Play Store).
  2. App Icon : For best optimisation of your app, always select neat and clean simple logo pic without text. App icon also relevant about your app.
  3. Keywords : Keywords are those words which are mostly searched by users in search engine. Keywords are the good way to get high traffic on your app. If keywords are also relevant to your app then its makes so easy to optimise your app
  4. Screenshots : Screenshots of your app will show all information about your app in a image. Use minimum 5 screenshots of your apps different stages to get better results of your app optimisation.
  5. Description : Write a positive and attractive description about your app to attract app users in first reading. In description of your app, explain detail about all key factor of your app.
  6. Video : Make a short video around 30 seconds to 1 Minute, which is must be enough to explain working of your app. Its so simple and effective way to invite users for your app installation