What are great ways to promote an iOS app?

Below are some tried and tested strategies for getting your app noticed by those that matter to you and adding value to the end user experience.

App review sites
If you Google App review sites, you will get tons in your search. Pitch your app to sites and they can generate a lot of buzz if they mention it in a review.

Getting press is by far the best way to generate a lot of noise for your app. When you’re able to tell a story about how your app came about, writers and their audiences will love it. An app is a product, so it only makes sense to use this strategy.

Content Marketing
By utilizing content such as a blog post, ebook, white paper or case study that steers your intended audience to your site, with a clear call to action that communicates how your app can help them, you can generate a lot of downloads. Implement as many sharing capabilities as you possibly can. Showing catchy videos with real people using your app or using real life situations will help you connect with your intended target more organically and will increase your video content’s virality. The power of video not only tells, but also SHOWS.

Speaking Opportunities
Identify conferences to share your knowledge and establish yourself as an authority in your space. Perhaps it is in a niche market in the garment industry or you are an expert on the mobile user experience.

Encourage reviews
By getting your app’s users to review your app, you stand to increase the number of downloads. People are always looking for social proof. Highlight these reviews on your app page. Perhaps have them scrolling across your page above the fold.

Timing is Everything
When you are preparing to launch your app, make sure you see it as not just a launch but an event that is planned in order to get optimal exposure and kick off the momentum. You want to kick off your campaigns such as banners, content, PR and anything else all at once for maximum effect.
With PR, timing can be particularly powerful.

Make it FREE
They say the best things in life are free and with your app, it should be no different. You can always put a price on your app, but encourage downloading for free at launch.