How to increase my Mobile app download?

How to increase my Mobile app download?

Ans: After launching your app to the store, of course, you want to rank it over time. It is wonderful to have a high ranking in app stores instantly after releasing it, but better to grow your audience consistently over time.

  1. App store optimization

First of all, check your ASO and make it powerful. Search and include keywords into your app title, short and full description. When users searching in the store by relevant keywords they will find your app on highest position if you have used keywords.

  1. Quantity of install

Second step start increasing the quantity of installs with incent traffic. Pretty good instrument and effective one in case you will choose service with real users, not bots. My friend uses CPIMobi and WhiteMobi companies for getting incent installs for Android apps after publishing. They provide real users` installs for a cheapest price.

  1. Regular Updates

Updating your apps regularly. This helps ensure that your users are provided with a great experience and faced with as few errors as possible.

  1. Qualified App Reviews

App reviews, as one of the lead listing features in apps, do have an impact on a user’s likelihood to tap through or download an app. You need to get more positive app reviews with high quality. You can plan to ask some professional ASO company to provide this service to you.