Most popular android app in the world

Facebook Messenger

This is a dedicated messenger (chat) application by Facebook that provides messaging facility to Facebook users. Previously, there was no separate app for messaging on Facebook but there is now, and it has become equally popular within a few years of its invention.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion

Google Play

This is the official mobile app store by Google where users can find and download any compatible application for their Android-powered smartphones. You can also check the statics like top free/paid apps in your region, upcoming trending mobile apps and more.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion


It is one of the most popular and widely used chat applications that also supports communication between international phone networks. It has many chat features such as video calling, audio calling, chat message deletion, emojis, status and more.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion


It is the world’s most popular social networking website and application. Facebook app is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and all other major mobile platforms. The app is used almost everywhere in the world, for social and business communications.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion

Contact Backup    

Contact Backup now introduces beta version to send all / selective contacts to another Android device without internet. Best contact backup, sharing app fulfilling all your sharing needs.
Contact Backup is providing a combined solution to transfer all your contacts from any android / iPhone device to another iPhone / Android device using your own gmail, Dropbox or sd card.
JUST take a backup and send to your own gmail. Open the attachment from your iPhone / Android device.

Downloads – 50 million – 1 billion


It is a free file sharing application by Lenovo that can be used to transfer audio, video and image files from a Wi-Fi compatible mobile/desktop device to another. The app is available for Windows, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

Downloads – 500 million – 1 billion


It is an email messaging application by Google that was first invented for web and now also has a dedicated mobile app variant for Android, iOS and other platforms. Gmail is the most used email application around the world.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion


This is a photo sharing and social networking application that became popular mainly because of its high quality and unique features like square image format, filters and the lack of a website variant. Yup, the app only works on supported mobile devices and there is no web version.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion


It is a complete video viewing and sharing an application that works on mobile and desktop devices. The dedicated mobile app has some additional features such as offline downloading. YouTube is the biggest host of videos on the planet and also offers monetization options to users.

Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion


It is a microblogging website which is also available in a mobile app version. The app works like a social news feed where you can follow other users, see latest news and updates from industry leaders, and share your own views through “tweets” about anything.

Downloads – 500 million – 1 billion