5 Businesses You Can Start with a Computer Science Degree

Computers have dramatically changed the way people live their lives. They have also had a big impact on the way businesses are operated. In fact, if you have a degree in computer science, you will be ready to work in almost any industry. However, if you have an entrepreneurial mindset, a degree in computer science can also be a great tool for a business of your own.

1. Software Development

Computers run on software, and a large part of any computer science degree is understanding that software. Software includes everything from a massive operating system to a small game application on a mobile device. This range means there are many opportunities to start your own software company with great success. Maybe you want to write practical software that helps other businesses with their daily operations. Maybe you want to develop games or useful applications. You could even work with clients to create customized content for specific business needs. All in all, a software development company can fill many needs in the market.

2. Web Development

Everyone wants to make themselves available online, which is why web development is a booming industry. A web development company can create, upload and maintain websites for clients. To expand your services, you could even include upgrade options with search engine optimization and other online marketing tactics to make a website more popular. The demand for websites is still growing, which makes a web development company a lucrative possibility for any enterprising computer science major. Many people have the basic skills necessary to put up a website, but computer science majors have the advanced knowledge of coding to take design and implementation to the next level.

3. IT Support

The more people use computers and mobile devices as part of their daily lives, the more they need help maintaining those devices. As useful as computers are, they are a real headache when they stop working. Some companies have various IT staff on hand, but smaller companies will often outsource their needs. The pool of potential clients is even bigger when you start to think about all the personal devices people have. An independent IT support business can work with specific types of technology or brands, or it can provide more widespread support options depending on your personal interests and background.

4. Marketing

Most people think of marketing as an area of business, but computer science can be a huge asset for new marketing businesses. After all, the vast majority of new marketing tactics rely on electronic media and online platforms. With a computer science degree, you can help clients take their marketing online with powerful electronic tools to help develop their brand. Email marketing, web development, social media campaigns and more are all extremely important in modern marketing.

5. Internet Marketplace

A computer science degree can also help you build an online store. No matter what you want to sell, your computer science degree can help you set up an appealing and functional website that supports a profitable online store. The technical demands for an online store are more pressing than most people realize, and if you have the power to maintain such a website with minimal third party support, then you can save on costs and streamline your entire operation. Your technical skills can be a real asset to get your store up and running quickly.

These five careers are just the start. With a degree in computer science, you will have the skills to pursue your business dreams in any direction you choose.