How you do a responsive Website?

If you want to build a responsive website then there are 3 steps to make that. TopOfStack soft offer you make a responsive website very easily.

  1. PSD design: By using photoshop you can create a web layout. It’s a graphical representation of your website. Without PSD, it’s not possible to make an HTML.
  2. HTML coding: We can’t run a PSD or an image to a browser so we need HTML. In HTML we, have to convert a PSD into client-side coding. It will help you to run the design on your browser. If we wanted to make a responsive design then there are 2 option to make that. The first option is that we can use @media in our CSS file or we can use the bootstrap framework. I will suggest you to use bootstrap.
  3. WordPress Theme Conversion: This part is not mandatory you can keep your website in an HTML format. But I will suggest to convert it into WordPress though you don’t need to open coding to change content. You will get an admin panel and you can change the content from there. If your website is on WordPress then you don’t need to know coding to change your website content.

You need to spend 10-15 days to build a website that or you need to hire a professional.

To make a responsive website need to choose a responsive WordPress theme or you can choose responsive HTML template. By using WordPress you can set up and manage your website by own but for that, you need a responsive WordPress theme or you can convert a responsive HTML template into a WordPress theme.

Today bootstrap is very popular HTML framework. By using bootstrap you can create a responsive HTML template easily. By using the bootstrap grid you can easily make a website device independent. Just you need to know that how it works.