Mobile app development process & Costs

At TopOfStack, we deliver you cost effective services with stringent quality checks to create an enriching Web and Mobile experience.

Today’s digital world is now surrounded by Mobile Ecosystem. More than 88% of the mobiles runs on Android. For the first time Android OS has surpassed Windows OS in terms of numbers of users.

In order to remain competitive in this cut throat competition Mobile app comes at rescue.

From simple task manager to heart beat tracker you will find mobile apps for everything you can think of. Truly Mobile ecosystem has expanded to multiple folds since its inception.

Let’s discuss how to asses cost of Android application step by step. Broadly it is being covered in seven stages where each stage has its own challenges and cost.

  1. Concept Analysis

Sometimes concept is really good but it might be not viable when we assess it from technical point of view. Either it can be impossible from technical point of view or to develop such concept price clients have to shell out is exorbitantly high. It helps clients to mitigate major risks, do’s and don’ts, reasonable cost expenditure etc.

  1. Strategic Planning & Requirement Analysis

We plan each and every aspect of your project. Our strategic planning starts by analyzing your business and your competitor’s business. It feels good when someone talks about your business, but it feels much better when they talk about your success and work. We are the one who help you to achieve great success through your business applications.

  1. Wire framing

It is one of the most important aspect of mobile app development. User interfaces, user interactions, micro-interactions are some of the few things we consider while designing UX for your mobile applications. Moreover, mobile applications for different platforms are having different functionalities. We consider all the aspects for providing the best UX across all platforms and screen sizes.

  1. Designing

Look and feel of an Mobile app has been given utmost attention. Users generally spends to 2 to 3 mins to check whether it’s interesting or not. If graphic images or UI are of poor quality then users immediately delete the app from his mobile.

  1. Development

Here is where all the coding stuff is done with respect to UI/UX design and functionality wise.

After solidifying the mobile application design, we will create a robust architecture for further development. We follow a trident quality guidelines for building your mobile applications.

Any small or big bugs at this stage can lead to delay in Go-Live stage. It has to be implemented with greater degree of care and accuracy. Backend development, Web-Services Development, In-App Purchases, Integrating 3rd party tools, Payment Integration like accepting Credit Card Payments, E-wallets also affects cost a lot.

  1. Testing

We follow strict guidelines while developing your business application still, we conclude unit testing as well as quality testing before delivering your projects and if the client demands we also perform automated testing.

  1. Going live.

In this stage various simultaneous actions are required targeting different set of customers. Brand Management, Creative Content, SEO, Social Marketing, Print media marketing and other various factors are considered, as it involves various cost in order to engage with them. The application goes live and handed over to the customer, the project team ensures technical viability & deployment of the application.

  1. Maintenance & Support

By just Going Live does not mean that project is completed once in for all. Often clients need to add new features, upgrade UI/UX etc in accordance to feedback received from various stake holders to engage more and more users to their app. This stage also involves a cost factor associated with it. We provide end-to-end solution for Mobile Application and take care of after delivery support and maintenance. The maintenance team provides all necessary support in terms for your Mobile App.

To sum up Android apps are of 3 types which are mentioned below.

Simple App (Table based) – $1000 to $3000

Generally this type apps includes API Integration, Simple UI/UX, Map view, Simple Search etc.

App with Medium Complexity – $3000 to $10000

It not only includes all the essential features of simple but it also adds some more features like UI/UX- Tablets support, Search by map, Social Integration, Several Roles, Filters etc.

App with High Complexity – $4000 to $17000+

It also includes all the features of Simple and medium complexity apps but also includes features like Integration with 3rd Party services, Custom Animation, Advanced Filters, Payments Integration, Chat feature etc.