How to transfer contacts from Android to Android

What use is a new phone without all your contacts in one place? While you could probably kill a few days with free apps from the Google Play Store, you’ll probably want to actually call or text someone at some point. Here’s how to transfer your contacts from Android to Android.

Because all Android phones strongly recommend you log in with your Gmail account – and lose a lot of functionality if you don’t – the chances are you won’t have to do very much work for your new Android device to be full of your friends. Nonetheless, these are the steps you need to take.

  1. On your old phone, head to settings, either through the app drawer, or by pulling down the taskbar, depending on your phone.
  2. Navigate to Accounts and Sync. This can be in different places depending on the version of Android and the handset manufacturer, but it’ll be here somewhere.
  3. You’ll see a list of accounts. If you’ve not logged in to Google already, now is the time to do it. Hit ‘Add Account’ and select Google. Tap ‘next’ and log in with your Gmail account.
  4. Once logged in you’ll see a whole host of things to synchronise – tick Sync Contacts

This step will ensure that your contacts are shared with your Google account in the cloud. Now it’s just a case of logging in to your Google account on the new phone, and your new pride and joy will do the rest.

But just in case this doesn’t happen, repeat the steps above on your new handset. Gradually, your old numbers should begin to populate on your new phone and you’re all set to carry on from where you left off. Only with a faster and shinier phone. Hooray!

You can download contact backup app from here.