Android ASO: 5 Key Optimizations

Android ASO: Search is the Key

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but app store search plays a huge role in not only Android ASO but also ASO in general. Experts have noted that search represents 80% of organic downloads on Google Play. Meaning, app store optimization or ASO is imperative in your quest for success (yes I did make that rhyme on purpose.).  Here are  the 5 Key optimizations every android developer or publisher should know.


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Android ASO: 5 Optimization Keys to Success

1.  Optimize Keywords in Title and Description

Keywords can be considered one of the most important elements in android ASO. Why? In the words of the great Zen Cachola (check out her blogs they’re awesome) “keywords are the only thing you have 100% control over”.  Meaning you can decide where and when you put them .

It’s important to place keywords in both the title and description. Unlike  iOS, keywords in Google Play are taken from the description  and not a keyword field.

A keyword in an app’s title can affect your keyword rank, either positively or negatively.  Keywords in the description also help your search rank.  This is due to frequency; the frequency of keywords increases search rank.

2.  Have a Great Video Preview

Google Play allows you to create and upload a video that explains your app. This is a feature that is currently exclusive to Google Play, so  make sure you have one!  Having a short, fun and informative video can speak a lot louder than any screenshot could. Plus it opens up a whole new audience, for your app considering the videos come from Youtube.

3. Generate Positive User Reviews

The total number of reviews and whether those reviews are positive or negative will affect your category rank in Google Play.  In layman’s terms, if your app has positive reviews you’ll receive a higher ranking. Another benefit positive reviews and ratings will lead to more conversions., which is a good thing.

4. Number of Installs

Google Play takes into consideration an app’s number of installs, when determining rank. The more installs you have the higher your rank will be. Simple.

5.  Number of Google+ Recommendations

Finally, did you know that increasing your Google+ Recommendations will also increase your category rank in the Google Play store? Yes, there is a relationship.

Well there you have it cool kids. 5 Keys to Android ASO success! Not a lot of pictures, pop culture references, or witty puns in this entry, but never fear they will return in full force next week!