This certificate has an invalid issuer : Keychain marks all certificates as “Invalid Issuer”

Keychain shows all the certificates as Invalid in my keychain suddenly, as it working before 2 days and i also check in Developer portal and it shows valid there. It marks each and every certificate in Keychain as “This certificate has invalid issuer” . As message suggesting that it must be problem from issuer side and and our issuer is Apple. So how to fix it ?

This certificate has an invalid issuer

Here i posting image of keychain. I need quick help.


Solution :
In keychain access, -> Show Expired Certificates, then in your login keychain click on expired certificate and delete it. I also had the same expired certificate in my System keychain, so I deleted it from there too.

-> After deleting the expired cert from the login and System keychains,download certificate from below link and open with keychain.

Download and add it to Keychain access > certificates (which expires on 2023)

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