Reachability responding with wrong status code in iOS 7 iphone 5

I am facing weird problem on iPhone 5 with iOS 7, i have tested same code with other devices like iPad1, 2, 3 and iPhone 4, 4s etc. with different iOS combination including iOS 7.

Problem :

When i turn on airplane mode i do get reachability notification as expected with status NotReachable but immediately after that app receives notification with status code ReachableViaWWAN which is not expected.

Code :

    Reachability* internetReachable = [Reachability reachabilityForInternetConnection];
    NetworkStatus internetStatus = [internetReachable currentReachabilityStatus];
    switch (internetStatus)

        case NotReachable:
            DebugLog(@"The internet is down.");
            return NO;
            return YES;
    return YES;

I added log before switch which is returning status as ReachableViaWWAN in airplane mode..

Possible workaround could be:

Add case for ReachableViaWWAN and check host reachable in that case. And return BOOL value accordingly.

Anyone faced similar problem ?? i have searched but haven’t found similar scenario.

Thanks in advance !!



I had the same problem. The solution is to check the flag isConnectionRequired. The documentation says:

WWAN may be available, but not active until a connection has been established.


BOOL isServerAvailable;
Reachability *reachability = [Reachability reachabilityForInternetConnection];

if ((reachability.isConnectionRequired) || (NotReachable == reachability.currentReachabilityStatus)) {
    isServerAvailable = NO;

} else if((ReachableViaWiFi == reachability.currentReachabilityStatus) || (ReachableViaWWAN == reachability.currentReachabilityStatus)){
    isServerAvailable = YES;

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