Smoke Diary

Smoking is not a habit, it is addiction. And like any addiction, smoking also requires to increase the dose gradually. Most smokers in their life intend to cease smoking at some point, but ironically, they actually smoke more as time goes by, without being aware of it. The goal of this app is simple, to log your daily smoking count and showing where the trend is going. Quitting is tough and cold turkey (quitting all on a sudden) method is not for everybody. In that case, may be it is more important to take control of your habit, instead of letting it control you. App Features: 1) Simple and intuitive interface. The UI is optimized for both high resolution tablets and smaller mobile devices. 2) Shows individual count of each day, and cumulative count of last 1 week, 1 month and six months. 3) Detail view shows list of previous entries by days. You can edit entries on any day by clicking on it. More features are coming.


Are you a smoker? Wanna track the count per day? Wanna control? Then have this app with you.

What’s New in Version 2.2

UI changed. iPhone5 optimization. Bug fixed.