Relaxing Sleep Sounds & Alarm + White Noise

Get the relaxing sounds you need to fall asleep and a custom alarm to wake you up in the morning!
Whether a nature sounds of heavy rain or sound of soft waves,sound of waterfall or white noise- the relaxing sounds in this app should make you fall asleep easily.
NO Wi-Fi needed!
The size of this app makes it easy to download anywhere and no Wi-Fi is required
Each sound has it’s own, independent from your phone volum control.
This app provides you with 27 relaxing sounds of:
– Aquarium
– Dryer
– Fire
– Heavy Rain
– Creek
– Air Conditioner
– Crickets
– Rain on Car
– Soft Waves
– Loud Waves
– Bubbles
– Hair Dryer
– Morning Birds
– White Noise
– Brown Noise
– Pink Noise
– Wind Chimes
– Walking
– Shower
– Sprinkler
– Dishwasher
– Waterfall
– Beach
– Water Drop
– Water Drop slow
– In the Crowd
– At Night

Tab on the screen and pick from 10 custom alarm sounds :
-Bell Ringing Alarm
-Bicycle Bell
-Disconnected phone
-Door Knock
-Police Sirens

This app introduces many calming (sleep) sounds- music to your ears to help you relax and break away from stress.
Nature sounds combined with other calming sounds in this app.Sleep through the night and get awaken by a built-in custom alarm!

Relaxing Sleep Sounds & Alarm + White Noise Support

What’s New in Version 1.2

Added At Night sound