Kids Learn Alphabet [ 7 languages ]

Kids Learn Alphabet in 5 languages

  1. Arabic iOS | Android [Arabic Alphabets أبجدية عربية]
  2. Bengali / Bangla iOS | Android
  3. English Android | iOS
  4. French iOS | Android [Alphabets français]
  5. Indonesian iOS | Android
  6. Malay iOS | Android
  7. Spanish Android  | iOS [Alfabeto español para niños]

ABC for kids  learning alphabet is fun. Free educational games for your toddler!
English alphabet – listen, read and write. This is an educational app for preschoolers or toddlers to learn English alphabet from A to Z. Kids learn the alphabet along with how to read it and how to write. Your kids will enjoy playing with this app and will learn alphabet with pictures quickly.

* Nice alphabet visualised presentation A B C to X Y Z with pronunciation
* Multiple words and pictures for alphabet for better co-relation with each letter
* Pronunciation of whole alphabet and all words
* Try the alphabet to draw / write on board
* Play with pictures and alphabet
* Play Memory Game

In addition, they will enjoy a fun game that will improve their motor skills and spatial vision. Perfect for preschoolers!