We created intimate because we know how tough being in a long distance relationship can be. It’s all very well being able to Skype or text, but we wanted to feel closer, more intimate. Our aim with intimate is to bring you and your loved one closer together, even though you might be miles apart.

Share a FingerKiss when you both wake up in the morning. Send a surprise LoveNote. Share that quick Selfie to make your partner smile. Message each other, for free, all day long. Draw a doodle and send it to them. Or, even better, have fun doodling together in real-time.

Be close, even when apart. Be intimate. Download now.

• Messaging (send text, audio, photo, video and LoveNotes over the internet, and also share with your partner your current mood).
• FingerKiss (experience a virtual kiss with your partner – touch your fingers together on your screens and feel the love).
• LiveDraw (doodle together, live – or just send each other little hand drawn messages).
• Calendar (share TogetherTime dates, Period dates and Dates to Remember, such as birthdays and anniversaries, all together in our calendar).

Right now, intimate is only available in English and on Android. However, we are working hard on an iOS version! Translations of the app and the iOS version will both be released in less than a month! Please be aware that both you and your partner need to download the app for it to work.

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Negative reviews really badly affect us. Email us with your problems and complaints first, and we will do our best to sort it out and make it up to you! Thank you.