What are the best ways to promote an app in 2020?

In fact, promoting an app doesn’t differ from promoting any other product. Best ways anyway:

  1. Newsletter: if you have it, just send email to your clients, maybe with some bonus for download (+500 coins, free first ride etc., depends on your app). It is really nice way to get first users and feedback fast.
  2. Facebook groups: Find facebook groups that match your app (something about food if you have app with recipes etc). Share your knowledge there and every 5–8 post, say something about your app. You can also create your own Fb group and invite your users there.
  3. Instagram profile: Share some value from your app through posts. Maybe memes, maybe jokes or maybe knowledge. Make your posts look beautiful, do not spam like ‘Download this app now!!!’ etc.
  4. Twitter profile: Share some knowledge like on other social media, share your blog posts etc.
  5. Forums: Share your app on forums like xda-developers and ask for feedback about your app. You can also find forums that match your app (like recipes I wrote before).
  6. Blog: Create a blog where you will be posting at least once a week about something that is connected to your app. But remember – don’t create spam posts – make some value to potential users. If you have calculator app, create a posts about how to solve some mathematical problems.
  7. Video – Create a video, like before, with some value for your users and after 5 – 8 videos, encourage users to download your app, explaining why they should do this and how it could solve their issues/problems, help in their lives. Post it on vimeo, youtube, dailymotion etc.
  8. ASO – ASO is a SEO for mobile apps. Create beautiful icon, screenshots, catchy description. Make subtle changes and check how it works on your users. Is new screenshots give you more installs? Awesome! Maybe you should change a description, experiment with it.
  9. Share it with your friends – It’s obvious, right? Share your app with your friends, ask them for stars and review and honest feedback for you.
  10. Reach out to Influencers – Find them in Instagram, Twitter, blogs etc and ask for an app review or a post related to your app. If you don’t have money, look for people with not too many subscribers/followers. It could also be other developers, ask them, maybe they will like your app, or they would like to do share for share.
  11. Mobile App Reviews Sites – Send your app to sites like this, you can find plenty of them on Google. Part of them are free, part not. Choose what you want. It can give you a feedback and additional traffic.
  12. Local promoting – If your app focus on local area (a city or country), you can make a leaflets and left it in stores, bus stops etc.
  13. Comments – Comment on blogs, other people social media, write PM. Give them some value and after few comments/messages, ask for a review or just checking out your app.
  14. Run a contest – Give something for your users (discount, free item etc.) for a shares, likes, sending app to their friends.
  15. Respond to all reviews – But respond very sincerely. Don’t answer on every review in the same way. Show, that you read user’s review and answer properly.
  16. Roll up new updates – Try to make a new update once a week or two. If your update will be alive, share this information by newsletter, social accounts etc.
  17. Paid ads – Make a paid app on Google Ads, Facebook etc. I think this is obvious 🙂

As you can see there are a lot of ways to promote an app and not all of them will give you fast and big installs boost. But in long term, all of those actions will give you easier start with next, new app.